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tv   Hannity  FOX News  June 11, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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here. we are definitely looking out for you. ♪ ♪ captioned by closed captioning services, inc ♪ ♪ >> sean: there are new developments tonight regarding the white house leak scandal. you may recall a number of top secret programs and data has been disclosed to reporters in recent months by "an unnamed obama insider." republicans and democrats alike publicly stated that the release of this information has in fact put american lives in danger. as a result, the attorney general holder appointed two u.s. attorneys to look into the matter. however, republicans continue to demand that an outside special prosecutor be named to lead the investigation. and insider pat goodell is
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pulling no punchs and naming names. he says he knows who spoke to the "new york times" and it's someone with extremely close ties to president obama. listen to this. >> i'll make news until the culprit is clear. tom donilon the national security advisor. he was a political operative. delegate counter for carter and mondale. he is also the guy working with jim johnson, corrupting fannie mae. somehow, he is national security advisor and he is known in washington as the leaker in chief. >> sean: caddell's allegation is critical to the investigation, because tom donalon leads the briefing every day inside the oval office. that suggests as the investigation continues we may ultimately find out that the president himself, was the one who, in fact, authorized the release of this highly classified information. here on more of the scandal author of the number one best sell lor "demonic" ann coulter
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and the fox news contributor pat caddell. you a democrat and you are saying you definitively know. >> i didn't say i definitively know. i said i definitively know who it was. there is a difference. dianne feinstein. this is a he said putting american policy and american lives in "jeopardy." the "new york times" review of mr. sanger's book by thomas ricks, one of the putzer prize winning "wall street journal," "washington post" defense expert. in his interview, in his review in the "new york times" he says and throughout mr. mr. sanger endured great access to senior white house officials, most notably tom donilon. donilon is the chief commentator and records of events, knows all about this stuff. when gates the, disclosure of seal team 6, robert gates went to the white house and said i have a communication track. you know what it is?
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keep your f'ing mouth stuff. tom donilon is known for. this he's political operative, as you heard in my remarks. if you think of the george held by george bundy, the whole host of people, condoleezza rice, colin powell, this person whose job it was to be a delegate counter. a political person. >> sean: this is important. what did they know? when did they know it? this was all designed, all the leaks make the president look good supposely. >> right. with all due respect it doesn't matter who leaks it. it's coming from the obama white house. who leaked seal team six to brag about killing bin laden? that came out of the president's mouth. military officials were going ballistic over that. for a reason. two weeks later, a helicopter shot out of the sky in afghanistan and what is it? it's seal team six. it's because of -- i mean leaking by the united states government generally has been bad. it's always much worse under the democrats.
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other leaks that have come out that hurt in order to brag about obama killing usama bin laden. hey -- you were interrupting me. they had to brag about the health they got from the -- >> sean: i'm not george stephanopoulos. >> -- from a pakistani pharmacist who has been sentenced to 33 years in prison. one more. the saudi who was our -- the double agent. he was the saudi's double agent working with us. in the arabian peninsula. he reveals this bomb that is about to be sent to the united states. he is now on the run because his name -- >> you are right about the pakistani. this is important. this is the president in the oval office every tuesday morning deciding who is going to be the next victim of a u.s. drone attack. this is also about iran and the fact we were able to, according to this book, penetrate the nuclear facilities and drive the computer system -- >> obama taking credit for it. >> who is bananas about this is the israelis.
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they invited us -- >> they have to. they have to. >> it was their program. the fact, though, is that you have them sitting here. that is why if you look at sanger's book it's all donilon is doing. a big chapter there. i will tell you this. let me say something about the president. you know, when his "new york times," that is what it is, he could have called them up, they call fox all the time saying we don't like what you are going to do. they could have called up as president kennedy did and say do not do this. ia carney could have called. is there any evidence whatsoever that the president said -- >> no, they want this out. >> of course they do. >> if it looks like a duck and walk like a duck and quakes like a duck, it's -- quacks like a duck, it's a duck. >> sean: think about how democrats reacted to the valley blame issue, she wasn't a special operative. this is worse. >> it's one thing for a special prosecutor. they're trying to brush it under the rug until after the election. "new york times" prints
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classified intelligence under the republican administration it's to make republican look bad. if they do it under the democrat administration they do it to make the democrat look good. obama, all the articles were love letters to obama, what a tough commander in chief he. is look how tough he is on terrorism. he is putting people in jeopardy. the pour swaps we persuaded to trust the united states of america. now they are on the run, in prison, or dead. that is because they're leaking this. >> sean: somebody, if in fact we were able to pull this off in this iranian nuclear facility, somebody walked that in there. it didn't just get in their system. >> that's right. >> that's right. they needed to put in the, what youic? the computers. >> now the double agent is in jeopardy. he could be dead. >> he could be. >> don't trust the united states anymore. unfortunately, the rest of the world doesn't understand you can trust us when a republican is in the white house but you can't if a democrat is. >> this is disastrous.
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one thing in 2010 just before the election, tom donilon sat there and orchestrated the cartridge bomber incident as a public event when they alreadyed it. it's to influence the election. he is a politician. not a national security expert. it's like me being an astronaut. there are political dangers for the president. as we saw with gay marriage when 60% something of the people thought he did it for political reason and the same reaction overtake credit for bin laden there are many people in this country, i have seen the polls, severe number of people, many democrats and independents think he is willing to do whatever it takes to get re-elected, even if it hurts the country. >> sean: we had this last question which is key. how big does this get? compare anything. i mean, those that make comparisons to iran. how big of a deal is this, if, in fact, the president and his team, within his administration are leaking information that is putting people's lives in jeopardy, just to make him look good in an election year?
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that is what this allegation is. how big of a deal does this become and how does it impact the race? >> it's huge. the way it gets out is only through shows like this, sean hannity. it's not from the special prosecutor. perhaps through the congress. but the point, is it doesn't matter who leaked it. it's coming from the white house to make obama look good. >> that is the key point. >> all they have to do is bring in the congress. you a special prosecutor, one of them has been a contributor of obama since 2003 when he was in the state senate. >> the other one worked for clinton. >> eric holder is, we know what he does politically. like john mitchell for re-election. it's -- you know, the senate and the house can call these people, put then under oath and do their own investigation. that's what they should do. >> like in "fast and furious," he may be held in contempt. >> the same guy doing the other. you know what i think about him. >> sean: it's so good to see you. did you have fun on "this week"? >> i did. my new best friend.
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>> sean: good grief. >> i'm going to turn into a republican. boy, i hope he doesn't hear that. >> i don't think so. i'll take that bet. >> my first interview october 1. new book. we'll be right here. >> sean: with ann coulter. good to see you. pretty scary stuff. >> yeah. >> sean: coming up, team obama playing defense after the president said this on friday -- >> the private sec store doing fine -- sector is doing fine. >> sean: we show you how they are trying to spin the gap. david axelrod is stammering all over the place. house scheduled a vote to decide whether or not the attorney general of the united states eric holder should be held in contempt for the botched "fast and furious" operation. as we vet the white house, vet the president. we do the job the mainstream media won't right here on fox, on "hannity." follow the wings.
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the truth of the matter is, as i said, we created 4.3 million jobs in the last 27 months. over 800,000 just this year alone. the private sector is doing fine. >> sean: yes, the private sector is doing fine. that was the ridiculous comment that capped off what was an incredibly awful couple of days for the president. if you thought last week was bad for team obama look at the headlines today. it looks like this will be another challenging week. yes, it's only monday. now it all started yesterday when top obama campaign advisor david axelrod attempted to clear the air
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about the president's remarks. watch him stammering. >> how big of a mistake did the president make and is it going to stick? >> i think the american people are smaller than that. the president called the press conference to say because of the storm clouds that are rolling in because of europe and elsewhere, we need to underferd the economy and he called a press conference to promote several steps he thought we needed to take to strengthen job creation. >> bottom line, is the private sector doing fine? >> the private sector, we need to accelerate job creation in the private sector. one of the ways to do that is putting teachers and firefighters in police back to work. those are good -- >> that's a public sector. >> that will excel, help accelerate the recovery. >> sean: that is the public sector. no matter how hard the president and his team are trying to spin this, voters will sweep the comments under the rug. joining me with reaction, author of "screwed" former
6:15 pm
advisor dick morris. one other comment on top of the president saying the private sector is fine. go out and spend so much and buy thingamajigs. watch. >> if you have $3,000 extra a year, that hems you pay down the credit cards and buy things that your family needs which is good for business. maybe somebody will be replacing some thingamajig for their furnace. they have been putting that off. if they have the extra money, they might go out and buy that thing. >> sean: go buy the thingamajig. the private sector is fine. how big of a gaffe is all this? >> it's horrible. look, the one thing that obama has over romney is a sense he is more in touch with the average person. people worry that romney's wealth makes him less simila
6:16 pm
simpatico. comment like that, if the economy is fine and if you have extra $3,000 bucks go out and buy something. since he took office, household in america paid down the indebtedness by $1 trillion. so when they have the extra money, they are scared about what is going to happen because of the economy he created that they are fortifying themselves against the likelihood of a deeper recession. that pan sick what is keeping the economy from moving up. it's a panic induced by obama policies. >> sean: think back. remember when john mccain said the fundamentals of the economy are strong. the democrats harped on that, harp on that, they said, obama in particular, john mccain was out of touch. let's go back and take a look down memory lane here in 2008. >> you know there has been
6:17 pm
tremendous turmoil in the financial markets in wall street. it is, it's people are frightened by the events. the economy, still the fundamentals of our economy are strong but these are very, very difficult times. >> it's not that i think john mccain doesn't care what is going on in the lives of most americans. i just think he doesn't know. he doesn't get what is happening between the mountain between sedona where he lives and corridors of power he works. why else would he say today of all days, just a few hours ago, think about this. we just woke up to news of financial disaster. this morning he said the fundamentals of the economy are still strong. senator mccain, what economy are you talking about? >> sean: president obama, what private sector are you talking about? what thingamajigs do you mean?
6:18 pm
isn't it funny he fell in the same trap that he used in 2008? >> a stat in book "screwed." if people want it signed as father's day present order it on the website when obama took office, 135 million people had jobs. now 139 million do. when he took office, 70 million were not at work. whether involuntarily or left the labor force. 70 million. now it's 100 million. the adult age americans who are not working risen from 34% to 43%. we're close to be country that is majority non-taxpayers and nonworkers. that is the economy that obama is totally out of touch with. >> sean: that is the 44 million americans on food stamps. and the 47 million americans
6:19 pm
that are in poverty. and the 49 million americans that pay no federal income tax. all right. let me show you this. romney campaign responded with two ads. we have don't have time for both. but i'll show one. this is made after he said the private sector is doing fine. >> private sector are doing fine. where we see the weakness has to do with the state and local government. >> we have seen layoff, cutback. when it's said and done i make $200 a month. >> i have been looking for a job for two years, haven't found any. >> i had to file my own personal bankruptcy and close my business. >> here i am. no healthcare and slashed pension. i just lost my job recently. i have to work part-time to make ends meet. >> sometimes i feel like i'm a failure. >> the private sector is doing fine. the private sector is doing fine.
6:20 pm
the private sector is doing fine. >> sean: what i like about that is behind all the statistics we always cite, dick, these are real people that are really struggling. people's investment have gone down at least a third. is that effective ad? >> is it very effective and it highlights new strategic opportunity for romney. we attack obama from the right. balanced budget, debt, stuff like that. there is also a potent attack from the center in the left which is he is out of touch. he is aloof. he doesn't understand what is going on. he has failed, he is weak. all the negatives we had on jimmy carter. which were not ideological. shared by the liberals, moderates and conservatives who thought them to be incompetent, inexperienced and unprepared to be president. i think what is going on now is that romney is waging not
6:21 pm
just a campaign to get people to switch to him, pew a campaign to get liberals to stay home. this administration is not worth going out and voting for. >> sean: dick mother ris morris, appreciate it. >> tomorrow is primary day in north daco. the i actually went out there to campaign for duane sand in the republican primary for senate. a true conservative. i would urge my friends there to support him. >> sean: all right. also we got georgia allen tomorrow in the commonwealth of virginia. thank you for being with us. >> appreciate it. allen has a great chance of winning. >> sean: i agree. absolutely. thank you for being with us. coming up, when we come back, we'll do the job the mainstream media refuses to do. that is vet the president. will eric holder be held in contempt at congress? we'll look into the attorney general and his botching of the scandal known as "fast and furious" right here tonight on "hannity." >> mr. attorney general,
6:22 pm
you're not a good witness. >> i'm not hostile. i'm calm. >> a good witness answers the questions asked. >> i'm not sure about that. >> who is responsible, mr. attorney general? >> i don't remember myself ever sharing that information. whoa.
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♪ ♪ >> sean: welcome back to "hannity." time for the real obama where we do the job that the mainstream media refuses to do. vet the president. tonight we focus on a major development that emerged today out of capitol hill. republican leaders have announced that next week the house will vote whether or not to hold the attorney general of the united states eric holder in contempt. now the charges stem from his decision to withhold thousands of documents pertaining to the fast and furious investigation. now the house subpoenaed those files last year. but still, the attorney general has done nothing but obstruct justice. >> you implied that we were working together, when, in fact, since may 18, nothing, nothing has come from your department. not one shred of paper. have you and your attorneys produced internally the materials responsive to the subpoenas? >> we believe that we have
6:27 pm
responded to the subpoena. >> no. mr. attorney general, you are not a good witness. a good witness answers the question asked. let's go back again. have you an your attorneys produced internally the materials responsive? in other words, have you taken the time to look up our subpoena and find out what material you have responsive to it or you simply invented a privilege that doesn't exist? >> sean: it's obviously time once and for all for the president to follow through on his transparency penal transpar. eric holder. david webb joining me and tamara holder. you know, we have this thing known as separation of powers. okay? we have coequal branchs of government. why? so one branch doesn't get too much power. correct? >> sure. >> okay. so here we have a situation where we are giving guns that are being used in the case of
6:28 pm
agents now being killed, so congress is investigating. why would we be giving guns to the cartels and ultimately the guns are tracked back to the death of americans. wait a minute. so they asked for all of this information. holder has not provided it. it's been going on for over a year. give me one reason why they shouldn't hold the contempt vote on this? >> because you are balancing powers here. you are looking at the executive need for confidentiality versus the public need for this information. >> what could the possible need for confidentiality be when we have dead americans and the guns that were used to kill them came from the united states government? >> they started, first of all, with your wonderful president, president bush. it did not start with obama. that is the first thing -- >> that is a liberal talking point. >> not true. it doesn't start under obama. it started with bush. there is an ongoing investigation. i'm not saying -- >> two years? when do we get results of the
6:29 pm
investigation? we keep paying for them. >> first of all, it didn't start, this operation did not start under bush. it was a different operation. different controls were in place by law enforcement. also, executive privilege has not been applied in this case by the white house. so executive privilege does not aplay. he has to comply with the subpoena. another important point you missed. on top of that, holder has contempt for due process. we saw that with the states, with immigration battles with the selective prosecutions, with the way he does business. he has not done exactly -- issa yis is a good question -- darrell issa is a good >> he is a mall cop. he tries to yell at the attorney general without getting -- >> he asked him a direct question. >> sean: wait a minute. he has been waiting now for well over a year. year-and-a-half for the documents. they have not been forthcoming. there are 31 democrats according to issa now willing to vote to condemn holder because they have not been
6:30 pm
transparent. didn't the president promise transparency? >> sure, absolutely. this is a serious issue. i'm not saying that holder -- >> sean: the americans that are dead, don't they have the right to know if the government provided the weapons to kill them? >> they have a right to a proper investigation. just because darrell issa -- we are talking about years and years of guns going back and forth over the border. many people dying. >> sean: i can never think of a time where the government provided the weaponry. and they didn't even -- they could have put gps in these things and tracked them down. >> we have weaponry in afghanistan. >> sean: they found e-mails with the words "fast and furious" in them. holder's claim is that wasn't about the "fast and furious." >> the fact that this man was the top cop in the country, supposed to be the competent attorney general, incompetent or contempt. you can't have it both ways. lannie brewer made it clear.
6:31 pm
they brought in the field agents from out west, put them inside the circumstancele in the beltway to protect them. they are looking for a way to keep it going and of skate it and get it -- offic off skate i. >> how long since brian terry killed? >> year-and-a-half. >> i represent clients that has take an couple of years and the discoveries may be this tall. we're talking about investigations of thousands and thousands of documents. >> they have purposefully redacted and refused to handover to congress that is doing their job. the house government reform and oversight committee. >> maybe there is a reason for confidentiality and protecting people. >> wait a minute. >> executive privilege. >> the president can't exert executive privilege. other presidents have done it. in this case it does not apply to what the subpoena is for. holder has no protection on this.
6:32 pm
>> sean: we have solyndra, we have the leak of "what we are doing with our military" and operations with israel and two the president is picking to kill with drones, a huge scandal. of all the scandals, which is the biggest one and which will hurt the president the most come november? >> "fast and furious." because this is something americans have gone on. they look at it and go if this is what holder doesn't get. >> sean: will he survive? will holder survive? >> if he is held in con tempt, congress' last hope with a subpoena, hold him in contempt and pressure the president to get rid of him, it's a 50/50 chance. >> sean: if he is held in contempt and the most transparent president and the promise of transparency, just like cutting the deficit in half in four years and getting rid of earmarks and going line by line in the budget. no lobbyist administration. another one of these lies that the president told them the campaign trail in 2008. >> broken promises. >> this is one of those things you want to dig up, because your candidate, your awesome candidate who is terrible --
6:33 pm
>> this is about brian terry. >> no. you have something to provide americans with your wonderful gp candidate. so this is what you do. >> there are numbers here that matter. >> last word, we got to go. >> first of all, there are also dead mexicans. this is an international border issue. >> this that is what i said. >> this is a problem that the secretary of state's office was not notified of an operation going across, under this d.o.j. bottom line on this, holder is in real trouble. this president is not delivered the promise. he deserves to be prosecuted if not, or held in contempt rather. >> sean: we have to roll. this is going to be a huge scandal. the president has himself a heap of trouble because he promised transparency. not forthcoming, we have to go. >> shameless plug. i have five nights a week on holder. absolutely. >> sean: coming up, vice president bide boyd at it again. you are not going to believe what he is crediting the government for now. beckel and i shoot it out next
6:34 pm
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>> sean: tonight on our great, great american panel, co-host of "the five," former deputy assistant secretary of state. "usa today" columnnist. bob beckel. we are on the air, live. >> are you sure? we're on the air? >> sean: right now, right this second. >> about time you got to run your show the right way. >> sean: blame me for your mistake. editor of citizen jane politics and contributor to the daily beast, patricia murphy is back. he is a nationally syndicated radio talk show host with the salem radio networks author of "still the best hope" dennis prager is back with us. it's the mentality of obama-biden. about how they view america. this comment by joe biden is revealing. watch this. >> i know literally barack and i talk about it. neither one of us have any shot of being in the position that we are in, same with our wives who are both wives that
6:39 pm
are smarter than both of us.s. literally, incredibly accomplished women would not have had any chance without some help. >> sean: none of us would have any shot, what is he talking about? >> this is the belief of the left. without this belief there is no left. without us there is no government. that is it. to think anyone got anywhere in human history prior to government -- >> without government. >> astonishing thing. how did lincoln get anywhere? this is the belief. women wouldn't get anywhere, blacks wouldn't get anywhere, hispanics wouldn't get anywhere. only white heterosexual males would get somewhere. >> he's from illinois. >> sean: a couple of this -- the private sector is doing fine. if we all buy thingamajigs everything would be per pect the economy. obama had 3.5 years. every policy want implemented.
6:40 pm
what is the mentality? >> they have a different mentality, different from you. but biden was talking about student loans. michelle obama and president obama had student loans. >> sean: who is taking away student loan? >> they are talking about increasing the rate on student loans. >> from 1.5 to 2.5%? >> from 4 to 7%. that's significant if you're 18 or 1 trying to pay it back. >> if you borrow money you have to pay it back. >> americans believe there can be a role for government in some situations. i don't think what biden said was offensive. >> if it wasn't for the federal government this wouldn't the great country it is. we would haven't won world war ii and we would haven't the internet. dennis is laughing.
6:41 pm
>> i'm a free market guy that thinks those things work. >> i love liberty and the free value guy. >> you rigider. you believe the constitution in how it's women, where it leaves out blacks and women. >> it doesn't leaf out black. >> three-fifths. keep it like that. >> the three-fifths compromise was done of opposition to slavery, not because of support for slavery. they didn't want them to have the same votes. >> think we should have changed? >> of course we should change it. but the purpose was inherent in -- >> sean: wait. there is another point. framers in their wisdom put in place a system so we could write wrongs. >> right. >> so that is why the constitution is a moving document. to adapt itself to environment. >> adapt itself to liberalism. not the environment. >> that is wrong. >> that is what it is. the reality.
6:42 pm
>> ruth bader ginsberg went to cairo and said there are many constitutions that are better than the one she is sworn to. >> she is exactly right. >> that country in egypt, constitution. >> south africa constitution is better for south africa than hours is? >> absolutely. >> fine. indefer. i think we have the best system for everybody. >> sean: we have r out of time. we'll come back. won't take part of the neutral corners. time for a sneak peek what is coming up on the record in 18 short minutes. >> greta: dangerous there. >> sean: anytime that beck is here it's dangerous. you know that. >> greta: i love beckel. he knows that, too. we go way back. tonight we have the latest in "fast and furious." look at it. they put him up on the screen. did you see his head? i saw that. i saw that. beck is bored now. >> sean: temper tantrum. >> now i feel better. got to tell you that. >> greta: you weren't interested when i was telling you what we are doing tonight. i saw you put your head in
6:43 pm
your hands like you are bored. thanks a lot. >> no, no. go ahead. >> greta: the latest on "fast and furious." reince priebus is here to talk about the president's comment about the private sector. and former member of congress that switched parties. and donald trump is here. he has something to say about bill maher. and more. so, ve all of that back to you, sean. >> sean: in 1 short minutes. let not your heart be troubled. we continue with bob beckel and then horowitz talk it about the left wing groups and where they get their money and the impact on the political scene. straight ahead. puts you at 5 times greater risk of stroke. don't wait. go to for a free discussion guide to help you talk to your doctor about reducing your risk. that's
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>> sean: is the private sector doing fine, mr. beck? >> are we on the air? >> sean: we are on the air. >> parts of it are doing fine. all parts are doing better than they were four years ago under george bush. >> we don't want to talk about
6:48 pm
that. he hasn't created a single net new job. >> 4.5 million jobs in 27 months. >> sean: we can go line by line and cut off the fraud, waste and abuse. >> $5 trillion in debt, bob. >> $4 trillion was mandtory. >> $4 trillion is mandatory and not his fault? >> excuse me. $4 trillion of the $5 trillion is automatic, social security, medicare and medicaid and other entitlement programs. he didn't create the programs. >> sean: he didn't do anything to cut the deficit in half. >> you would have to cut out every rest -- >> sean: then why did he make the promise and get rid of the earmarks? >> that was before he was democrats. a lot believe that spend is the way out of recession? >> sean: it's not sustainable. >> the agenda failed. >> it's normative left. the belief is that the biger
6:49 pm
the government, the better the society. >> that is what joe biden said about helping the wives. >> what is your conservative answer to that? >> a smaller government enables a people to prosper. >> america is great because of big government. >> have you met romney's economic plan? to extent you can decipher the cluter? it would put us another $4 trillion in debt in the first year, cuts taxes for everybody and no way is he -- >> even bill clinton said to cut taxes. >> so does john kennedy. >> obama wins what happens to the economy? >> no way. >> i don't think he will win. not just because of the economy. if it's just because of the economy i am sad. it has to be a philosophical
6:50 pm
race. >> sean: half the country doesn't pay income taxes. >> that is a tragedy. >> that is the tragedy. another intentions leading to unlimited disaster. that's right. >> what is good intention is leaving fate in hand of the wall street capitalist ripoff artist. >> the money that the campaign, bomb? >> not as much as romney. >> the wall street money that obama took in. >> wall street buys every campaign. everybody does it. >> i bet romney raised more money than barack obama. >> but romney is not out trashing, and bailing out wall street. >> he didn't have the money to get out of wall street and he should be in jail, but we don't do that. we protect the free market capital. >> wall street money doesn't matter. >> sean: stop. you are already in trouble. >> i'm not. >> it shows how foolish people
6:51 pm
are in wall street they gave the money to barack obama to begin with. >> how foolish is the american public. >> give the capitalist the money. >> sean: we have to go. we come back and a brand new book exposes the power of the left wing organization straight ahead. the capital one cash rewards card gives you a 50% annual bonus. and who doesn't want 50% more cash? ugh, the baby. huh! and then the baby bear said, "i want 50% more cash in my bed!" phhht! 50% more cash is good ri... what's that.
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>> sean: a stunning new investigation takes us signed money machine and exposes how small group of liberals attempted to hijack the american political system. in david horowitz newest book, "the new le vie than" how the left wing money machine affects the future, he uncovers how the individuals and organization take advantage of the tax loopholes to acquire over $100 billion in assets that they then use to implement the radical agenda. with a few months until the election, this is an investigation we cannot afford to ignore. joining me now with much more is the book's author, good friend david hor world trade da. >> how are you? >> sean: karl rove said read this and be afraid. >> this is the permanent left wing jog yo juggernaut. there is something on the right comparable to what the left has in the $100 billion
6:56 pm
worth of foundation. just to give you an idea. one left wing foundation, bill and melinda gates foundation is three times as large as all -- >> that is charitable. >> well, itsee charitable. they are all technically charitable. but there is what i call the shadow political universe. all the debates, whether over the borders or the national security or the environment. nationalized healthcare. all of these take place, the arguers on either side of these are 501c3s. tax exempt. what they are doing is political. it sets the political agenda. it transformed debate for example on immigration from whether legal citizens from mexico should have equal righ
6:57 pm
rights to -- should we call people here illegally -- illegally -- undocumented. >> sean: people have to read the whole book. there is too much information. i want to cut to the chase. this is important piece of work you put out and women researched. you talk about george soros in the book and the seed money he gave to john podesta's group, center for american politics. >> the brain trust of the democratic -- >> sean: which is the brain trust. you talk about media matters in here. a lot of the groups are supposed to be 501c3s. walk us through the political debate and how it's propaganda arm of democratic party. >> you wouldn't have obamacar obamacare. national healthcare was defeated in the clinton administration. all the democratic candidates in 2000.
6:58 pm
al gore said he was against it. john kerry said in 2004 they were against it. yet, it became the center piece of the obama administration. which he turned his back on the economic crisis instead of focusing on jobs. suddenly we have a program. is it a grassroot swell we need canada healthcare system? no. the new le vie than -- leviathon. permanently there and accountable to nobody no. one. >> sean: how much money are we talking about? how much influence do you think unbeknownst to the american having on the election and the electorial system. details in book. >> billions of dollars. >> sean: billions. with a "b"? >> hundreds of billions for a specific issue. they're affecting the election. here is the way, you know, to
6:59 pm
get in to my hotel room i have to show an i.d. but i can walk in a polling place and claim to be eric holder as dan o'keeffe did, and i can vote. why is that? because the left wing foundation like ford and all, rockefeller, carnegie, tides, macarthur, they create army of left wing lawyers that go in and say this is racism, they file suit. now you go in a polling place and offer to show your idea. they don't want to see it. >> sean: we are only touching the surface. chapter, verse, detail. >> and all the foundation are listed. all their assets. the money they put in environment. the history of these issues and how they were taken from the political extreme. marginal left and put in the


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